The brand new Marketplace is online is online. This is the place where coaches and people who want support to achieve your goals come together. is more than just a directory.
A unique place in the WWW, easy to use.
– The coach makes himself known by writing blogposts. The latest blogposts always appear on the home page first.
– The business card (who am I, what can I do, what good is it for you) the coach can customize, incl pictures.
– The coach can publish several offers of his services in the Marketplace The coach can specify his performance description and exact dates.
– Completion and payment brings planning security to the coachee and the coach. covers the entire range of services offered by a marketing and distribution platform, including the Marketplace function: booking and payment.
When the coach connects his own homepage and his social media commitment via links, the coach uses a basic requirement to be found via Google at all: networking.