Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Important information: brainjack® GmbH is headquartered in Germany. German law applies to transactions with brainjack® GmbH if there is no other legal regulation.


www.mywinningspirit®.org is an offer of brainjack® GmbH (hereinafter called brainjack® GmbH) and offers under a marketplace for companies on which they can present themselves to consumers and offer coaching services and consumers can search for corresponding companies. brainjack® GmbH is the licensee of the brand my winning spirit® of the brand owner Ingo E. Christ.

Entrepreneur is a natural or legal person or a partnership with legal rights which, when concluding a legal transaction, acts in the exercise of its commercial or independent professional activity. A partnership with legal capacity is a partnership with the ability to acquire rights and to enter into liabilities, Section 14 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

The consumer is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for purposes that cannot be attributed primarily to his commercial or independent professional activity, Section 13 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

These general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) fundamentally regulate the relationship between brainjack® GmbH and registered users.

The General Terms and Conditions concern the use of the website as well as all related sub-pages. The GtC also applies if users exclude access to or areas thereof from other websites that allow access to in whole or in part

1. Contractors
The user’s contractual partner is brainjack® GmbH, based at 88400 Biberach an der Riß, Ehinger-Tor-Strasse 1, represented by the managing director Ingo Christ, e-mail: brainjack® GmbH is registered at the District Court of Ulm, in the Commercial Register No. HRB 737496, VAT IdentNr: DE320762917.

2. Object of use
Registration on the portal as such is free of charge for users.

Users who register on to offer a service are named Coach below. brainjack® GmbH offers different usage variants on its portal under, which can be used individually or in combination for a fee by the coach. The first variant is the paid possibility to create a blog, the second variant is the registration as a coach. Any use requires the registration of the coach. Prices vary depending on the variant and scope of use. Users can view the prices in the price list. The prices will also be displayed again in the registration process.

Users who register on to search for a service are named Coachee below. Registration on is free of charge for coachees.

By registering on, each user is first coachee. However, there is the possibility to activate yourself as a coach at any time and to take advantage of paid services from brainjack® GmbH at www.mywinningspirit.orgin.

Coaches can search for coaches’ services at However, brainjack® GmbH does not guarantee that a successful mediation will actually be realized.

brainjack® GmbH exclusively provides a platform at on which coaches can search and find each other and on which coaches can create a blog. Coachees can evaluate the coach after successful mediation and execution of the service on

The contracts for the service are concluded solely between the coach and the coachee. brainjack® GmbH acts only as an intermediary and provides only the technical infrastructure for brokerage and payment processing. At, coach and coachee can book services, make appointments and communicate. brainjack® GmbH does not guarantee the quality of the coaches’ services and does not check whether the information provided on the services offered on is complete and/or truthful. The respective coach is solely responsible for the content.

Once the service has been performed, coaches can evaluate the coach when this feature is provided.

3. Registration
In order to use, registration is mandatory. Registration is free of charge. Services offered on and subsequent use are subject to a charge.

Registration is only permitted to natural persons if they are of legal age and capable of doing business. At the request of brainjack® GmbH, a copy of the user’s identity card must be sent.

Every user is obliged to provide truthful information during registration. After successful registration, the data must always be kept up-to-date and adjusted accordingly in the event of changes. The transfer of a user profile to is not permitted.

Each user must provide at least the following information truthfully during registration:

Name, First Name
Phone number, e-mail address
Nationality, date of birth
in the case of companies: name and first name of persons authorised to represent and address of the company, if applicable, indication of the trade register number

The name is freely available to each user. The other data, on the other hand, are not available.

Users in the form of coachees become visible on when they submit an application and/or when they contact the coach.

The registration process is also the result of the self-explanatory registration process. In particular, the user must enter the data to be transmitted to brainjack® GmbH by means of in the online registration form and then transmit it to brainjack® GmbH by clicking on the corresponding button, after the user has agreed to the validity of these terms of use and the data protection declaration.

Inputs can be corrected and/or changed at any time with the help of the back and forth function in the browser.

By means of, brainjack® Gmbh subsequently sends the user a confirmation of his registration as well as these terms of use and the data protection declaration by means of an e-mail. With access to this email from brainjack® GmbH via from the user, the user contract is concluded.

Each user insures with the registration, that he is not charged with a criminal offence against sexual self-determination (Section 174 et seq. StGB), life (Section 211 ff. StGB), against physical integrity (Section 223 et seq. StGB), personal freedom (Section 232 ff. StGB), for theft and embezzlement (Section 242 ff. StGB) or for robbery and extortion (Section 249 et seq. StGB).

4. Contract concluded between coach and coachee
The services offered on do not constitute a legally binding offer that leads directly to the conclusion of a contract by acceptance. On the contrary, the services described constitute only an invitation to make an offer to conclude a contract. The contract for the service is concluded exclusively between the coach and the coachee according to the corresponding agreement. A distinction must be made between the contract of use for with brainjack® GmbH. The language of the contract is german in both cases.

Each user confirms by registering on that he/she has received the offer from brainjack® GmbH via www. will not use the obligation to pay in accordance with No. In particular, users are prohibited from providing or accepting services by passing Users are also prohibited from making or accepting payments for services found over outside the Platform.

Violations may lead to an immediate termination of the user contract and to claims for damages.

Via, brainjack® GmbH does not provide employees for the provision of work services, but only self-employed, non-employed coaches. The Coachee undertakes not to enter into an employment contract with a coach mediated through for the performance of the service, nor to carry out the contract as an employment relationship. In particular, the Coachee may not give the Coach any instructions regarding the type, location, time and content of the performance. Rather, these are to be agreed in the contract with the coach. Should the brainjack® GmbH become aware that a coach and a coach are creating an employment contract instead of a contract for independent services or actually carry out the fulfillment of the order as an employment relationship, this constitutes a reason for the extraordinary termination of the user contract without notice.

5. Unsubscribe, term and termination
Users can unsubscribe from the free service (registration) on at any time and without giving reasons. Any payment obligations of already made bookings of services will not be affected.

The minimum term for the paid services of brainjack® GmbH by using is 12 months for the first time and is automatically extended for a further 12 months if the user terminates the user contract with brainjack® GmbH not 3 months before the expiry of the contract to brainjack® GmbH. The cancellation must be addressed to brainjack® GmbH, Ehinger-Tor-Straße 1, 88400 Biberach or to the e-mail:

6. Payment
Payment is processed through the payment provider Stripe Payments UK, Ltd., 7th Floor, The Bower Warehouse, 211 Old Street, London EC1V 9NR, United Kingdom,, in conjunction with Stripe Payments UK, Ltd., 7th Floor, The Bower Warehouse, 211 Old Street, London EC1V 9NR, United Kingdom. We offer the payment methods indicated in each individual case via the payment provider. brainjack® GmbH does not charge any fees for the use of the payment system. The payment method is chosen as part of the registration process. The processing of services booked via is only possible via Stripe.

Stripe Payments UK Ltd., London, United Kingdom, and Stripe Technology Europe Ltd., Dublin, Ireland, are payment institutions that are supervised in their respective home countries. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the two payment institutions are allowed to offer their services through cross-border trade in services.

By registering on, users agree that the brainjack® GmbH name, first name, e-mail address and date of birth as well as the nationality and country of residence of the users will be transmitted to Stripe via the encryption technology Socket Secure Layer (SSL) and that this data will be stored there. The account details of the coaches are not stored by brainjack® GmbH.

Detailed information on the composition of the total amount will be sent to the user with the confirmation sent by e-mail.

For the rest, Stripe’s provisions apply accordingly.

In case of questions or complaints about bookings and/or billings, users of can contact brainjack® GmbH via the contact form. Complaints must be filed within 24 hours of receipt of the invoice or execution of the booking. brainjack® GmbH may reject late complaints.

Complaints regarding the coach’s services must be reported by the Coachee in writing and stating reasons within 24 hours of the end of the first hour of service at brainjack® GmbH. This is then forwarded to the coach. The latter may comment on this matter. Payment for the service will be refunded to the Coachee upon justified complaint. The coach agrees to this rule.

7. Remuneration
For the use of the booking and payment option by an end-user of offers of a trainer or coach or the like via, the coaches have to pay a fee to brainjack® GmbH. The fee is 12% of the gross payment amount incl. the applicable VAT of the booked service and is due immediately upon payment by the Coachee. The fee of 12%, which is payable to brainjack® GmbH, results from the total services booked and paid for on a coach at the time of booking. By registering on, users agree to this pricing model.

The fee to brainjack® GmbH will be charged incl. the applicable VAT with the service fee agreed between Coach and Coachee. The fee is payable for each service booked and is generally non-refundable.

8. Invoice
The users registered as coaches on act within their own activity, in their own name, on their own account and on their own responsibility. The coach provides a paid service to the coachee, for which the coachee has to pay the agreed fee according to the respective payment terms.

Each coach creates an invoice for each service that complies with the applicable legal requirements and which includes in particular the total amount of the remuneration agreed between Coach and Coachee, including VAT.

The individual coach is responsible for compliance with all legal regulations and the correct deduction of the corresponding taxes and levies. Required permits, approvals or a business license, each coach has to obtain himself.

9. Cancellations
In the case of cancellations of services by a coach, this will be displayed visibly on for all users involved in the individual transaction. In this case, the coachee gets his money back. Any claims for damages remain unaffected by this. This applies accordingly to cancellations by the Coachee.

10. Warranty and Liability
brainjack® GmbH is not responsible for the content and correctness of the information in the registration and profile data of the users as well as other content generated by the users. brainjack® GmbH assumes no liability for the possible misuse of information.

brainjack® GmbH has no knowledge of the services offered by the coaches and cannot and will not make any statement about the quality and quantity of the services offered. a liability of brainjack® GmbH for the services of the respective users is not assumed. Any claims for breaches of duty, damages, etc. must be asserted directly between the coach and the coachee.

The statutory warranty rights apply.

Liability of brainjack® GmbH for damages is excluded. This does not apply to claims for damages by the user arising from injury to life, body, health or from the violation of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) as well as liability for other damages that are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by brainjack® GmbH or an intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent of brainjack® GmbH. Essential contractual obligations are those whose fulfilment is necessary to achieve the objective of the contract. brainjack® GmbH is not responsible for achieving a certain economic success.

In the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations, brainjack® GmbH shall only be liable for the foreseeable damage typical of the contract if it was simply caused by negligence, unless it is a claim for damages by the user arising from injury to life, body or health.

brainjack® GmbH is not liable for unauthorized access and knowledge of personal user data by third parties (e.B. by “hacking”). Likewise, brainjack® GmbH is not liable for the misuse of information from users by third parties that have been made available to third parties by these users themselves.

brainjack® GmbH expressly points out that the services offered on cannot under any circumstances replace individual care, advice and/or treatment by a doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist or other medical professional. In case of health problems of any kind, the brainjack® GmbH recommends clarification by a doctor and/or psychologist. Even in the event of legal or tax law problems, the use of a lawyer or tax advisor by brainjack® GmbH is expressly recommended.

11. Revocation
Consumers may be entitled to a statutory right of withdrawal. This is taught separately. Entrepreneurs are not granted a voluntary right of withdrawal.

12. Availability
The availability of services may vary. The provision is at the sole discretion of brainjack® GmbH. brainjack® GmbH does not guarantee or guarantee the availability of the services and contents on

brainjack® GmbH reserves the right to discontinue or change the services temporarily or permanently at any time, even without notice.

13. Rights and obligations of users
Users are obliged to provide only truthful and complete information when registering and posting other content. Users are solely responsible for the information they provide. brainjack® GmbH is not liable for untrue, incomplete or inappropriate information provided by users.

By registering, the user assures that the data provided by him is true. The user assures that he has the corresponding rights to all content he has posted.

Der Nutzer hat das Recht und erteilt hiermit der brainjack® GmbH und sämtlichen verbundenen Gesellschaften, Partnerunternehmen, Lizenznehmern und Nachfolger ein widerrufliches, nicht-exklusives, unentgeltliches, weltweites Recht zur Nutzung, Vervielfältigung, Verwendung, Anzeige, Reproduzierung, Adaptierung, Modifizierung und Verteilung an den Inhalten, die durch den Nutzer auf der Website zur Verfügung gestellt wurden. Dieses Recht erlischt nicht mit Abmeldung von dem von der brainjack® GmbH bereitgestellten Dienst Der Nutzer erklärt, dass er durch die veröffentlichten Inhalte und die Nutzung dieser durch keine Rechte Dritter verletzt oder gegen diese verstößt.

Die brainjack® GmbH ist berechtigt nach billigem Ermessen sämtliche oder teilweise Inhalte, die der Nutzer veröffentlicht, vorläufig oder endgültig zu löschen. Das gilt insbesondere, wenn die Inhalte nach Auffassung der brainjack® GmbH gegen diese Nutzungsbedingungen verstoßen, unangemessen, beleidigend oder sonst rechtswidrigen Inhalts sind oder auf sonstige Art gegen die Rechte oder Sicherheit Dritter verstoßen.

Der Nutzer verpflichtet sich, die brainjack® GmbH von Schäden, Verlusten oder Forderungen, die durch eine schuldhafte, nicht ordnungsgemäße Regsitrierung des Nutzers und/oder Nutzung des Service von entstehen, freizustellen. Dies bezieht sich insbesondere auf die angemessenen Kosten die zu einer ordnungsgemäßen Abwehr der Inanspruchnahme erforderlich sind.

Der Nutzer ist verpflichtet, E-Mails und sonstige Informationen stets vertraulich zu behandeln und sie nur mit ausdrücklicher vorheriger Zustimmung des Absenders Dritten zugänglich zu machen. Dies gilt auch für Namen, Telefonnummern, Adressdaten, E-Maildaten etc.

Der Nutzer ist verpflichtet, den von der brainjack® GmbH bereitgestellten Dienst nicht missbräuchlich zu nutzen, insbesondere nicht zu diffamieren oder anstößige oder in anderer Weise rechtswidrige Informationen zu verbreiten. Dies betrifft insbesondere pornographische, rassistische, volksverhetzende oder vergleichbare Inhalte.

Der Nutzer verpflichtet sich, den, von der brainjack® GmbH bereitgestellten Dienst nicht zu benutzen, um andere Personen zu bedrohen, zu belästigen oder die Rechte Dritter zu verletzen. Der Nutzer verpflichtet sich zudem, keine Daten auf dem, von der brainjack® GmbH bereitgestellten Dienst bereitzustellen, die einen Virus enthalten oder Software oder andere Informationen enthalten, das urheberrechtlich geschützt ist, es sei denn, der Benutzer hat die Rechte daran oder die erforderlichen Zustimmungen.

Der Nutzer ist verpflichtet ein Foto, auf dem sein eigenes Gesicht zu sehen ist, als Profilbild bereits zustellen. Der Nutzer darf keine Fotos hochladen, die eine andere Person darstellen, auf denen Comics, Tiere, Natur, abstrakte Kunst etc. abgebildet sind. Der Nutzer darf keine Bilder hochladen auf denen E-Mail oder Internetadressen genannt werden oder die pornografischen, diffamierenden, anstößigen oder in sonstiger Weise rechtswidrige Inhalte haben.

Der Nutzer ist verpflichtet, keine Algorithmen, Mechanismen, Software oder andere Hilfsmittel in Verbindung mit der Nutzung von dem, von der brainjack® GmbH bereitgestellten Dienst zu verwenden, welche die Funktionalität oder Erreichbarkeit von einschränken oder behindern. Dem Nutzer ist es verboten, von dem von der brainjack® GmbH bereitgestellten Dienst eingestellte Inhalte zu verändern, zu überschreiben, zu löschen, oder auf andere Weise zu manipulieren.

Der Nutzer ist verpflichtet keine Nachrichten und E-Mails abzufangen, die für andere Nutzer bestimmt sind, oder dies zu versuchen. Der Nutzer verpflichtet sich weder E-Mails noch Kettenbriefe oder Angebote von Waren oder Dienstleistungen, die nicht unmittelbar mit dem Zweck von zu tun haben, einzustellen oder zu versenden.

Verstöße können sowohl zu einer Kündigung des Vertrages sowie zur Löschung des Profils des Nutzers durch die brainjack® GmbH führen. Zudem können zivil- und/ oder strafrechtliche Konsequenzen damit einhergehen.

Die brainjack® GmbH behält sich ausdrücklich das Recht vor, den Nutzer von auszuschließen, falls bei der Anmeldung oder im Verlauf gegen die Nutzungsbedingungen verstoßen wird.

Der Nutzer ist verpflichtet, sich selbst über die gesetzlichen Regelungen betreffend die Erbringung und Vergütung von Coaching, Unterrichts- und Lehrveranstaltungen zu informieren und die erforderlichen Maßnahmen zu ergreifen und die entsprechenden Vorschriften einzuhalten. Die brainjack® GmbH leistet dabei keine Hilfestellung und wendet sich hiermit ausdrücklich gegen Schwarzarbeit.

14. Urheberrechte und geistiges Eigentum
Die Plattform und alle damit verbundenen Unterseiten sind geistiges Eigentum von der brainjack® GmbH und wird von der brainjack® GmbH betrieben.

Alle Marken, Logos und sonstige Kennzeichen, soweit sie nicht vom Nutzer eingestellt wurden, ist die brainjack® GmbH entweder selbst berechtigte Eigentümerin oder Lizenznehmerin. Ohne ausdrückliche schriftliche Zustimmung von der brainjack® GmbH berechtigt die Abbildung auf dieser Plattform den Besuchern weder ausdrücklich noch konkludent eine Lizenz oder ein sonstiges Nutzungsrecht.

Vervielfältigungen, Verbreitungen, Änderungen oder Nutzung des Inhalts für andere als persönliche, nicht kommerzielle Zwecke ist nur mit vorheriger schriftlicher Zustimmung von der brainjack® GmbH gestattet.

15. Drittbezug
Die brainjack® GmbH ist berechtigt Dritte mit der Erbringung von Teilen oder des gesamten Leistungsangebots von dem von der brainjack® GmbH bereitgestellten Dienst zu beauftragen.

16. OS-Plattform und Streitbeilegung
Online-Streitbeilegung gemäß Art. 14 Abs. 1 ODR-VO: Die Europäische Kommission stellt eine Plattform zur Online-Streitbeilegung (OS) bereit, die Sie unter finden.

In diesem Zusammenhang sind wir gesetzlich verpflichtet, auf unsere E-Mail-Adresse hinzuweisen. Diese lautet: carmen.christ@brainjack®.de

Die brainjack® GmbH ist nicht bereit oder verpflichtet, an einem Streitbeilegungsverfahren vor einer Verbraucherschlichtungsstelle teilzunehmen.

Nach Entstehen einer Streitigkeit zwischen der brainjack® GmbH und einem Verbraucher, die nicht durch Verhandlungen mit dem Verbraucher beigelegt werden konnte, können Verbraucher grundsätzlich die für allgemeine Verbraucherprobleme zuständige Allgemeine Verbraucherschlichtungsstelle des Zentrums für Schlichtung e. V. kontaktieren.

Allgemeine Verbraucherschlichtungsstelle
des Zentrums für Schlichtung e.V.
Straßburger Straße 8
77694 Kehl am Rhein


Telefon: 07851 / 795 79 40
Fax: 07851 / 795 79 41

17. Datenschutz
Für die Nutzung von dem von der brainjack® GmbH bereitgestellten Dienst gilt die Datenschutzerklärung, die unter Datenschutz abgerufen werden kann.

18. Gerichtsstand und Rechtswahl
Gegenüber Unternehmern wird als Gerichtsstand Berlin vereinbart.

Es gilt deutsches Recht unter Ausschluss des UN-Kaufrechts.

Diese Rechtswahlvereinbarung führt gemäß Art. 6 Abs. 2 der Verordnung Nr. 593/2008 („Rom-I“) nicht dazu, dass einem Verbraucher der Schutz entzogen wird, den ihm das zwingende Verbraucherrechts des Staates gewährt, in dem er seinen gewöhnlichen Aufenthalt hat, sofern my winning spirit®  seine berufliche oder gewerbliche Tätigkeit in diesem Staat ausübt, oder eine solche Tätigkeit auf irgend einer Weise auf diesen Staat oder auf mehrere Staaten, einschließlich dieses Staates, ausrichtet und der Vertrag in den Bereich dieser Tätigkeit fällt.

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